Scantech provide inspection solutions for the bottling, food, glass and automotive component industries.

  • Clients include Unilever, Nutricia, Allied Glass and Dairy Crest.
  • "In-house" software development enables total flexibility in system structure.
  • Reject images and data can be stored onto an external medium (i.e Memory stick)

Inspection Technology

Latest software techniques incorporating algarithms and filtering methods enable the detection of glass defects and loose glass particles inside an inspected container. The combination of lighting techniques, diffusion and software inspection routines allow us to ignore glass markings (i.e stipling and embossing) whilst maintaining inspection integrity. We have the ability to detect damaged and defective finish rings on containers where the finish ring is intact (no glass missing).

Associated Agent

Scantech Packaging works with a specialist agent to ensure that customers receive the very best solutions for their requirements.

CMC-Kuhnke Metrology of Berlin - Germany

CMC-Kuhnke celebrated 40 years of excellence in 2011.The Company is at the "cutting edge" of gauging, measurement and service to the can making and can filling Industries. For more information please visit the website on the link below.


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