Scantech Packaging manufactures a number of inspection machines and additionally offers electronic upgrades / refit of existing inspection machines that have obsolete or ageing components.

  • Vista 2

  • Sidewall Inspection Machine

  • Vista S3 / S6

  • Closure Inspection

Vista 2

Empty Bottle Inspection (Bottling/Food)

Vista 2 Product Picture

The Vista 2 machine is designed to give accurate, repeatable inspection in harsh production environments.

The Vista 2 has a starwheel transport system and modular bottle guides which provide robust container handling in pressurised applications.

The machine control, starwheel control, camera triggering, inspection timing and reject tracking are provided by an FPGA program running at 40 mhz. This is completely independent of the computer operating system. The standard Vista 2 has "base" inspection only, using diffused LED lighting for illumination of an image and a digital camera for image capture. Additional options include the provision of a second camera inspection station for "finish" inspection and a further option of residual liquid inspection using high frequency probes. Scantech continues to develop inspection and image referencing routines to provide optimum inspection for a wide range of glass containers. The Vista 2 machine is used in the glass, brewing, beverage and food industries.

Key Features

  • Base, finish and residual liquid inspection
  • Touch screen monitor for control and set up
  • Inspection parameters adjustable whilst machine in the "run" mode
  • Password protected security levels
  • Modular changeparts for quick product changeovers

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Sidewall Inspection Machine - SIM

Empty Bottle Inspection (Bottling/Food)

Sidewall Inspection Machine Product Picture

The Sidewall Inspection Machine (SIM) is generally close coupled to a Vista 2 to give sidewall inspection using 3 digital cameras. Containers that fail the inspection process are rejected from the production line using the vacuum starwheel fitted on the Vista 2 machine. The computers in each machine are synchronized to provide tracking and rejection of a defective container.

Each of the three cameras are triggered by the computer in the Vista 2 machine, this position is calculated from the shaft encoder connected to the starwheel shaft.

The inspection windows used are generally binary or gradient windows, however there are numerous software routines that can be employed. The SIM machine is used in the brewing, beverage and food industries.

Key Features

  • 3 Camera sidewall inspection
  • Touch screen monitor for control and set up
  • Inspection parameters adjustable whilst machine in the "run" mode
  • Password protected security levels
  • Installed as "stand alone" or interfaced to a Vista 2

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Vista S3 / S6

Dimension, blemish and stress inspection (Glass)

Vista S3 / S6 Product Picture

The Vista S3 has been developed as a non contact alternative to replace the Inex 5*512 super inspector that was installed as an industry standard in glassworks around the world.

The S3 has 3 (three) digital cameras using a bank of fluorescent lamps for illumination. The power consumption for the entire machine is 750 watts compared to 4.5 Kwatts for the 5*512. In the S3, 3 (three) cameras inspect for sidewall and dimensional defects using state of the art electronic components and Scantech's software package (machine control and inspection).

The S6 version employs an additional 3 (three) cameras for either sidewall stress, wide mouth inspection or additional sidewall cameras for large ware. An overview screen shows images from all 6 (six) cameras.

Originally developed as an electronic upgrade for the 5*512 and SI 2 machines, the Vista S3 and S6 are now offered as new machines giving 2011 inspection specification at very competitive prices.

The Vista S3 / S6 machine is used in the glass Industry.

Key Features

  • Complete electronic conversion of Inex 5*512
  • S3 - 3 camera dimension and blemish inspection
  • S6 - additional 3 cameras for stress inspection (optional)
  • Menu driven for multiple container inspection
  • Touch screen operator interface

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Closure Inspection

Bottling / Food

Closure Inspection Product Picture

The closure inspection machine has been developed as a general vision product.

This machine gives a facility for closure inspection, tamper evident seal or label integrity.

This machine can be provided as a single inspection function or multiple cameras employed for inspection functions such as bottle dressing etc.

Again the same Scantech software packages are employed to standardize the components used for vision inspection within the Scantech range of inspection machines.

Typical inspection functions are missing cap or incorrect placement of caps, labels etc. Defective products can be rejected from the production line or alternatively the transport conveyor can be stopped and an alarm activated to alert the operator.

This product can be adapted for any industry.

Key Features

  • Inspects for closure integrity/placement
  • Reject tracking using shaft encoder
  • Menu driven for multiple product selection
  • Touch screen monitor for control and set up
  • Password protected security levels

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